You’re more likely to be stopped at airport security if you whistle or yawn – The Sun

AVOID whistling, blinking or yawning too much, or you could get additional airport security checks and end up missing your flight.

Airport staff have revealed the suspicious behaviour they look for when passengers go through security checks.

They follow what's known as the Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT) programme.

The leaked document from the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) was first revealed in 2015 to The Intercept.

Whistling when you go through security or yawning a lot are some of the things agents are instructed to look out for.

Blinking too much and throat clearing are also nervous habits which could lead to extra questioning by staff.

Other things to look out for, as mentioned on the 92-point checklist, are people "gazing down" and "face pale from recent shaving of beard".

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