You'll find out if your summer holiday flight will be cancelled THIS WEEK | The Sun

BRITS who have a holiday abroad this summer will find out this week if their flight is likely to be cancelled.

Airlines are expected to announce a fresh wave of cancellations over the summer period in the next few days.

The government has introduced an 'amnesty' which is in place until Friday and allows airlines to change flight schedules without having to pay a penalty fine.

This means they can move flights without having to lose their airport slots which they are allocated to fly from.

Heathrow is expected to be affected the most by the cancellations, with quiet day flights which have more than one route a day expected to be affected the most.

The cancellations are to be announced ahead of the summer season to prevent any short notice reductions and allow Brits to rebook in advance.

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Airlines such as British Airways have already cancelled 16,000 flights until October, with another 650 scrapped next month.

And easyJet, TUI and Luftanhasa have all been forced to cancel thousands of flights in recent days.

Both Gatwick and Heathrow Airport have also reduced their summer flight schedule already.

A Department of Transport spokesperson said: "This will help passengers find alternative arrangements ahead of time, rather than face the kind of last-minute cancellations seen over the Easter and half-term holidays."

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The announcement comes just days after thousands of passengers at Heathrow were plunged into chaos due to flights being grounded for more than an hour.

A fueling system error meant huge numbers of holidaymakers were left stranded at their gates, while others were forced to wait it out on board.

And long airport queues have continued across the UK for months, with London Stansted passengers even forced to sleep on the floor over the weekend.

Much of the chaos is being caused by staff shortages as the travel industry picks up after Covid pandemic lockdowns.

And the situation is expected to get worse, with airline crew also voting to strike this summer.

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More than 700 British Airways staff at London Heathrow voting to strike while easyjet workers in Spain went on strike last week and have two more planned for later in the month.

And Ryanair cabin crew have already gone on strike across Spain, with more planned for July.

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