You can rent a 50-acre private island with a rustic Italian farmhouse on Airbnb

Looking for a little peace and quiet on your next trip away?

Airbnb has an impressive property that is as secluded as it gets; a beautiful 50-acre private island in Venice, which comes with a rustic Italian farmhouse.

The luxury getaway won’t break the bank either, as it’s priced at just £32 per person per night – an absolute steal, in our opinion.

Island Falconera, located close to the town of Cavallino-Treporti in the Venetian Lagoon, has space for up to 16 people and features a kitchen, three bathrooms and a spacious dining room with a loft.

For the summer, there’s a BBQ in the garden and for the cooler winter months, there’s an indoor fireplace to enjoy.

However, it’s only possible to get to the luxury island by boat – a trip that must be booked in advance.

So it’s important to think ahead if you decide on a trip here.

The property is owned by host Anna Sarzetto, who transformed the island (which was previously her grandmother’s home) into the gorgeous getaway.

She began renting it out to guests three years ago, and has also recently started a farm on the land, where she grows vegetables, keeps chickens, cultivates honey and catches local seafood from the lagoon.

‘All of our products are biological and we have won a prize for our honey because of its unique flavour,’ Anna told MailOnline.

‘The taste comes from plants that only live in the lagoon.

‘Most of our guests come from northern Europe and Italy, but we have had guests from everywhere.

‘It’s like travelling the world from your home.

‘We have met so many people with different stories. They teach me to see the island from many points of view.’

The Sarzetto family put the money they receive from Airbnb guests towards protecting the island from high tides and increasing water levels.

Travel to Italy is currently permitted – although it looks like the country could be added to the UK’s quarantine list within the next few days.

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