Woman reveals free way to get extra hand luggage on a flight

SQUEEZING items into hand luggage is often a challenging part of catching a flight, especially with strict airline rules on how much you can carry.

But a Tiktok user has gone viral for revealing a free way to take more items onboard.

Courtney VanAuken, who uses the Tiktok handle @travelingwithcva, suggests that once inside terminal, passengers should grab a bag from an airport shop and fill the empty bag with your own stuff.

Because it looks like you've shopped in the airport, security will often let you take that bag onboard as well as your carry on.

Travellers should check the airline rules before attempting this trick though, as some budget carriers don't allow passengers to take an extra bag in addition to the carry on luggage.

The video has racked up nearly 100k views, with watchers eagerly lapping up the advice.

One person commented: "Now that is an awesome hack."

Another said: "I've totally done this before and it's worked!"

And another commented: "I've been doing this for years and it works!"

A different trick for getting more hand luggage on a flight involving an empty pillow case has been shared by another Tiktok user.

But be warned, one Tiktok user was banned from an airline after posting a 'hack' on how to get free baggage while travelling.

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