What to do if you’ve lost your passport while abroad and how much will it cost?

Don’t fret as we explain exactly what to do if you lose your passport while travelling.

What do you do and how much does it cost?

If you are a British national and are outside the UK when you lose your passport you can get an emergency travel document issued.

It is also called an “emergency passport”.

You can apply for one here and it costs £100, which his non-refundable.

You may need to attend an appointment at your nearest British embassy, high commission or consulate after you apply online.

You will be told once you’ve submitted your application if you need an appointment.

The emergency passport can also be applied for in person to your nearest embassy, high commission or consulate.

You can find that here.

What do you bring if you have an appointment?

  • Completed emergency travel document form
  • A recent photograph of yourself
  • Proof of your travel plans (eg. Booking confirmation)
  • A police report if your passport was stolen

What does the emergency passport let you do?

You can use it to travel to your destination through a maximum of five countries.

Your travel plans, which include countries and dates, will be printed on your emergency travel document.

If your travel plans change after you have received your document you need to apply for a new one.

If your final destination is the UK, then the border staff will keep your emergency passport when you arrive.

How many Brits have lost their passports?

The latest figures released in in 2018 from the HM Passport Office show that in 2015/2016 more than 21,000 Brits had their passports lost or stolen.

Spain was the top country for Brits losing their passports as the figure was 5,158.

The United States came second with 2,088 and France was third with 1,591.

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