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A CAMPING expert has revealed the easy way to fold a pop-up tent back into its bag.

Plenty of campers opt to buy the tents when preparing for trips away because they're easy to put up – but putting them down is another matter.

However, Gemma from Mountain Warehouse made a video to show people how simple they can be to put away, once you know how to do it.

In the footage, Gemma is seen folding one of the tents up on top of a hill.

She said: "As you all know it's really easy to pop up, you take it out of the bag and it just explodes.

"However, the trick is getting it back in the bag. There are a few simple tips that make it quite easy.

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"Hold the two top poles and fold them into the middle.

"Grab the two bottom ones and make sure the door's open so all the air can come out.

"You want to fold it into a big tortilla-looking shape.

"Grab the poles at the top and fold the hand towards the back hand and you should have two circles on the ground.

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"If you slide the two circles together, they should then sit nicely over the top of one another.

"And there we go, ready for your next night's camping."

The video was incredibly well received by several frustrated campers who admitted they had been struggling to put their tents away after their holidays.

One said: "10 years on and still helping us put down pop-up tents. Struggled for half an hour, watched this video, folded straight away. A masterpiece of a video!"

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Another wrote: "Spent hours trying to take ours down. Thank you, you're a life saver."

A third added: "This was so simply explained and well demonstrated!

"I was battling with it for what seemed forever, and you showed me in less than a minute! THANK YOU!"

The tent trick isn't the only thing Mountain Warehouse has helped campers with recently.

In an article, they also revealed a huge camping mistake that people are making whenever they stay in tents.

Their rule is that people should always buy a tent that could house one more person than was going on the trip.

For example, for two people going away, they should buy a three-man tent, while three people should get a four-man tent, and so on.

They said: "If there are two of you don’t choose a two-man tent.

"A two-man tent is perfect for one person but once you are both inside, there will be little room for you to both lie down.

"Always choose a tent that is one person bigger than the number of people using it."

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