Watch as holidaymakers are shamed for early morning race to reserve sunloungers at Tenerife hotel | The Sun

THE battle for sunbeds is a scene that plays out around hotel swimming pools every summer.

Now holidaymakers in Tenerife have been shamed as they queued up with their towels to try and save the best spots around the pool.

In a video on TikTok, guests at the hotel are seen waiting for the moment the pool is open before throwing their towels onto the sun loungers.

Meanwhile, anyone who slept in, will likely miss out on comfort around the pool for the day.

More than four million people have seen the video already, but the public were prevented from offering their opinion on the chaos, with comments turned off.

However, other videos have captured similar scenes this summer, with this one from last month showing holidaymakers clashing at 6am for the best beds.

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One woman wrote: "My dad always got up at 7 am and did this."

However, most people were baffled by the holidaymakers.

Someone said: "Never understood why people go on holidays like this."

One person commented: "This is mayhem of a vacation."

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A third had even less sympathy: "If they leave the premise I’ll remove the towels and take the beds. Be there or bye bye."

Hotel staff in Tenerife were also captured removing people's towels to prevent people from reserving the loungers.

Their actions drew support from most people, with one person commenting: "Good. Totally agree with this."

Another agreed: "More hotels need to start doing this. It should be first come first serve."

Someone who claimed to have previously worked at the hotel wrote: "They take away towels that have been there longer than 1 hour without anybody actually laying there. Loved it."

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In 2018, a man revealed he even broke his toe during the morning sunbed rush.

To solve the problem, tour operator Thomas Cook let holidaymakers reserve hotel loungers via an app.

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