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A TOURIST has revealed the shocking hotel view that left her feeling baffled while on holiday in Iceland.

There's nothing like checking into your hotel and staring out of your window at the destination you're about to explore.

However, Tiktoker Ann Chirisu (@annchirisu) didn't quite have that experience during a recent holiday in Reykjavik.

In a video she shared online, she showed how her window had been covered with a print of a photo of some of Iceland's geysers.

When she opened the window, she revealed that instead of giving her a view of the outside, it actually opened into the hotel corridor.

Speaking in the video she said: "We just checked into our hotel room, and we just want to show you this amazing view."

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The video has been seen by more than 2million people in the last five days, with lots of users shocked by Ann's footage.

One said: "I wouldn’t feel safe."

Another wrote: "I'd be paranoid someone's crawling through that at night."

A third joked: "That's for the room service."

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While Ann's view was undoubtedly bad, another hotel guest claimed he once the "worst in the world".

Comedian Neema Naz was staying in a hotel in Alberta, Canada when he made the horrifying discovery.

He said in his TikTok video: "I'm in my hotel room and I was like 'wow, my blinds are closed – let me get some fresh light in here.'

"To then realise, this is my view – the ladies changing room, with a pool with kids in it.

"How about let me close the blinds actually so I don't get a peeping tom charge."

However, neither Ann or Tom were staying at a Hotel in London, which was described as "not fit for guests" last year.

Scores of scathing reviews reveal the grim conditions at the "hell hole" accommodation in London where the toilets are filthy, the rooms are disgusting and the noise keeps guests up at night.

One critique suggests City View Hotel in Bethnal Green is a "squalid place" – nothing like the "comfort and satisfaction" it promises online.

Another claims its average rating of two stars out of five is two too many after discovering a used condom in the bin in their freshly cleaned room and a stack of 15 fans blocking the hallway.

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In 2017, easyHotel charged guests supplementary £1 for a room with a fake window that looked out over landmarks like the London Eye, the Gherkin and the Shard.

Travellers have shared their worst hotel experiences from their holidays with some rather terrifying and gruesome images.

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