Thousands of Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Travel Pillow — and It’s Now Available for Kids

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably seen (and maybe even used) the cult-favorite Trtl Pillow. The best-selling travel pillow has become an Internet sensation, thanks in part to its unique design, which wraps around your neck like a scarf to give your head and neck support as you sleep upright. And the Scottish brand has wowed us again by reinventing its Trtl neck pillow — but this time, it’s for kids. Now you can say goodbye to in-flight tantrums and your whole crew can rest easy before you arrive at your destination.

Enter: The Trtl Pillow Junior — the first travel pillow designed for kids with the help of kids. Trtl worked with elementary students to take thousands of neck, jaw, and shoulder measurements to really optimize its smaller-sized neck pillow. The new version still boasts all the benefits of the brand’s scientifically-proven neck support technology and super soft fleece material that thousands of Amazon customers have raved about in the adult version. No, seriously — over 2,000 shoppers have given the original Trtl Pillow a 5-star review, some saying they can’t travel without it. (Trtl was also one of our 2019 Travel Award Winners.)

“I was never able to sleep on a plane until I got my Trtl. My first one was a gorgeous coral color. I left it on the seat when getting my bag down from the overhead on a flight back to North Carolina from Portland, OR. I was online within minutes of getting home to order a new one (my second one is red). I can’t live without my Trtl,” one customer wrote.

The pillow’s uncanny design is unlike any other travel pillow, which has made some travelers hesitant to purchase at first — but after testing, they said it was the best decision ever. “I was wary of the Trtl at first, but now I am so glad I bought this,” another shopper wrote. “I have absolutely no regrets! It is possibly the best purchase I have ever made for traveling. I can’t even imagine ever traveling without it again. THAT was how great this Trtl turned out to be!”

And now you can let your kids see what all the hype is about. The Trtl Pillow Junior is available on Amazon for $25 in two fun prints: Sea Cameo and Zebra. Scroll down to shop them!

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