The weirdest things you CAN bring on a flight

NEXT time you pack your suitcase, you should double check what you are taking with you on the plane.

While a number of items are banned, there are some rather strange items which you are allowed to take with you onboard.

These are some of the weirdest things that you are allowed to take with you, although some will need to be declared or paid for.

  • Animal horns and bones (must be declared)
  • Christmas trees (less than 3m in height)
  • Dead bugs
  • Human remains (must be declared)
  • Musical instruments
  • Some sports equipment (excluding golf clubs, darts, bats and sticks and walking poles)

Large items such as sports or music items are likely to have to have their own seat on a flight, so will have to be pre-booked – and other passengers may find their seat neighbour is a cello.

Sports items are also restricted although you can take racquets, snooker queues and fishing rods.

Items such as sewing and knitting needles as well as nail clippers and tweezers are all allowed onboard too.

You'll have to leave your work equipment at home, as the government website warns that none of them are allowed in the cabin, which includes screwdrivers, hammers and pliers, and even drill bits.

Passengers might be surprised to know they can take food on a flight, as long as it doesn't break the liquid rules.

This means solid items such as biscuits, dried coffee, dried fruit and sandwiches can all be taken onboard along with pet food.

The most common food item which is not allowed but is often confiscated is Marmite, as it is classed as a liquid.

We've revealed the strangest things which are banned from the cabin, which includes a corkscrew.

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