The sneaky hack to booking an aisle seat on the plane – while never having to stand up for bathroom-goers | The Sun

WHETHER the window seat or the aisle seat is the best can be a contentious topic.

But one of the downsides of an aisle seat can be having to get up for other passengers.

Especially annoying on long flights, it can mean being woken up when the middle or window seat passengers need a bathroom break.

But a traveller has revealed a sneaky way to book an aisle seat – but not have to get up.

A man on Reddit explained: "If you're an "aisle" type person (as opposed to window), and your plane has a middle section of seats (e.g. a 3-5-3 or 2-3-2 configuration), choose the aisle seat of the middle section rather than the outer section."

This means the large planes where there are two seats on either side of the cabin and three in the middle of the cabin.

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They continued: "You're less likely to have someone book a middle seat next to you on a 3-5-3, and if it's a 2-3-2.

"There's only a 50 per cent chance they'll go through you to get to the bathroom (since they may also choose to go the other direction)."

Lots of people loved the hack, with people praising him for the tip.

Not everyone is a fan of an aisle seat, however.

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Gatwick travellers forced to sleep on the floor as dozens of flights delayed

Some people opt for a window seat so they can sleep during the flight, although frequent travellers have a few others reasons why too.

Former flight attendant Beth Windsor explained: "By skipping the aisle seat, I can protect my elbows from the carts and people going past me throughout the flight."

And even choosing the left side of the plane may get you better sleep.

AirAdvisor founder Anton Radchenko said the "left side typically provides more headrest room than the right due to the location of the windows, so aim for the left side".

However here's what your plane seat says about you – and it isn't good if you are a fan of window seats.

Aisle seat fans are"more social and more amenable," according to psychologist Jo Hemmings, while window seaters are "more selfish".

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