The reason passengers always board planes on the left

NEXT time you board your flight, you may notice that you always enter the cabin from the left of the plane.

And experts have explained how this dates back to when people used to travel by ship.

Andrew Stagg, a commercial pilot, explained on forum Quora: “I believe the reasoning goes back to ships, which have a port (left) and starboard (right) side.

“The word starboard comes from 'steerboard,' which referred to a board similar to a rudder on the right of the ship.

"The placement of this board required that the port side was the one you would embark and disembark from, so most airplane and jetway designers followed the same convention."

He added that all airlines use the same side for planes nowadays as it is "efficient if everyone agrees to use the same side," for when the jet bridges are employed at airports.

Other aviation experts have said the reasons for boarding on the left hand side is because the planes are refuelled on the right, so they need to keep passengers out of the way.

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