The most ridiculous expenses business travelers have submitted (some were reimbursed)

Hotel bills. Food. Rental cars. These are the typical items you will find on a business traveler’s expense report.

But sometimes, business travelers get a little more creative with how they spend their company’s money.  

Every winter since 2013, Certify, a company that tracks business expenses, has asked business travelers and finance professionals to share the craziest expenses they have submitted or reviewed over the past year.

To celebrate the five-year anniversary of this survey, Certify has prepared a list of the “best of the best” among these expenses. Some, but not all, were approved.  

The most expensive expense report included $10,000 in flight changes submitted this year.

It was not approved, perhaps because the employee missed the flight because he or she ended up in jail.   

The Chief Financial Officer also pointed out that the hotel bill included “repairing hole punched in the wall.”

Another expensive request for reimbursement was a $6,500 bill for a helicopter ride to work in 2017.

The employee “needed to make it to a client meeting,” the Chief Information Officer of the company wrote.

That too was not approved.

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