The common mistake which could get you kicked out of a theme park

TAKING snaps and videos when you go to a theme park is common practice for excited visitors.

But if you get caught filming at the wrong time, you could be kicked out after your first ride.

Universal Studios in Orlando has a strict rule prohibiting guests from filming while they are on the rides.

The theme park enforces the rule by requiring guests to empty their pockets and put their personal belongings into lockers.

Some of the rides even make guests walk through metal detectors to ensure they don't have additional items on them.

However, if a guest manages to sneak a phone onto a ride and is caught breaking the rule, a staff member will ask them to stop filming.

But if they ignore that and continue to record the ride, they could be kicked out of the park.

In contrast, Disney World does not prohibit any filming or photography, unless it is for unapproved commercial purposes.

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