The clever way airlines keep passengers calm while boarding – and you will have never noticed it

YOU may have never realised that airlines have a clever way of keeping your calm when you are boarding.

Airlines use certain music to keep passengers more relaxed while boarding – and there is a science behind it.

It's even someone's job to curate the perfect playlist to set the mood for the flight.

David Scotland is the in-flight entertainment and connectivity product manager for Alaska Airlines.

He told The Washington Post all about the importance of pre-takeoff music.

David said: "I just love creating different playlists for different moods. It can't have too many pauses in it, it can't get too quiet or too loud.

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"We never want the music to take centre stage at any time during the boarding process. We don't want it to be a distraction. It needs to complement what's going on in the aircraft environment."

Something else that curators for pre-flight music must consider is repetitive choruses, with David explaining that there's been instances of cabin crew complaining after hearing the same songs on repeat.

While they try to avoid any techno pop, classical music, or Top 40 hits, the airlines do shift genres of music between seasons.

During winter there will typically be a more chilled soundtrack, while in summer pre-flight music will be more upbeat.

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Anyone lucky enough to jet off for a Christmas break can expect to hear some festive favourites too.

A spokesperson for Hawaiian Airlines revealed how they play music that will get holidaymakers excited for their holiday.

Alisa Onishi explained: "With the Hawaiian music playing in the background they are automatically feeling the aloha spirit and getting ready for their trip to Hawaii or letting them hang on to the last few hours of their Hawaii vacation as they head home."

Hawaiian Airlines only refresh their playlist every three to five years, whereas Alaska Airlines change their playlists every other month.

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