The busiest day to go on holiday this summer revealed by travel expert – find out if you have flights booked

THE busiest time of the year to go on holiday this summer has been revealed – and it isn't good new for families.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, research has revealed a certain day in August is expected to be the busiest of the year.

If you have flights booked for August 12, expect it to be a very busy day at the airport.

OAG chief analyst John Grant, claims that a whopping 16.1 million seats are currently on offer on the date, with it being in the middle of the summer holidays.

Previous data from Cirium found that the busiest day pre-pandemic was a similar time.

The second Friday of August in 2019 – August 9 – was the busiest with a whopping 17million passengers travelling.


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However, he has also warned for Brits to expect flights to reduce in number, as many airlines face an ongoing battle of Covid staff shortages.

EasyJet are set to remove a number of seats on its flights so that the airline can fly with less crew onboard in the next few months.

In a statement, EasyJet said that this was an "effective way" of operating its fleet this summer.

It comes after European airlines, including EasyJet, were forced to cancel thousands of flights in the lead-up to Easter.

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And around 60 trips each day – about 10 per cent of all British Airways flights – are set to be scrapped between March and the autumn, with more than 16,000 flights affected.

And as more people travel, airports have struggled with huge queues which has seen passengers queue for miles out of the terminal and even miss their flights.

Kully Sandhu, managing director of the Aviation Recruitment Network, warned it could take "at least the next 12 months for the industry, vacancy wise, to settle down".

He said it wasn't just Covid causing problems in hiring new staff, of which he said there were more than 300 vacancies across UK airports, but also Brexit.

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