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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed what passengers should be having for breakfast on the day they fly.

Air travel can make passengers dehydrated because of the air circulation systems on board planes.

But there are methods people can use to combat that dehydration, starting with breakfast.

JetBlue cabin crew member Jorge Gutierrez told Travel + Leisure that the right morning meal can make all the difference.

He said: "I always start my day by prepping my body for the flight so that I am not left feeling tired, but reenergized and ready to go once I've arrived at my destination.

"I make sure to start my day with a healthy, antioxidant-rich breakfast and try my best to avoid sugar and salt to combat dehydration."

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Antioxidants are mostly found in plant foods and can easily be incorporated into breakfasts.

One of the most popular antioxidant-rich foods is the avocado, which is easy to eat on toast in the morning.

Others include greens like broccoli, kale and spinach, which can work well as part of a breakfast smoothie, along with fruits and grains or even turmeric.

Perhaps the easiest antioxidant-rich breakfast available is porridge with berries, with oats, blueberries and raspberries all packed with antioxidants.

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When it comes to being in the air on a flight, Jorge recommends staying on top of dehydration by trying to drink water regularly.

He recommends drinking around 8oz (236ml) of water every hour.

He added: "It might sound like a simple thing, but drinking enough water and preparing your body for high altitudes can help set your entire travel day up for success."

Passengers have also been advices to avoid both caffeine and alcohol while flying too.

Drinking coffee – or other caffeine beverages – before a flight can cause frequent trips to the bathroom with the dehydration causing increased need to urinate.

Caffeine can also cause headaches and insomnia which is not ideal if trying to sleep during the flight.

Alcohol also causes dehydration, so doing it on a flight can leave you people feeling worse for wear.

It's advised to drink water between each alcoholic beverage to combat dehydration.

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A cabin crew member revealed how much water they drink to avoid feeling dehydrated and jet lagged.

This flight attendant busted several myths about flying.

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