The best new theme park rides opening in the UK this year including Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and Legoland

WITH the summer holidays in full swing, parents will be looking for new an exciting ways to keep the kids occupied.

Fortunately, a whole host of new rides and attractions have opened in theme parks around the UK this year.

Plus, many of these theme parks offer a rain guarantee – so if your family day out is rained off, you get to come back for free.

From pop up escape rooms to haunted houses, here are the new attractions to check out:

Thorpe Park – Jungle Escape, Bouncezilla and Fright Nights

Thorpe Park has a number of new themed pop up events throughout the year.

An escape room called Jungle Escape will challenge guests to take on the Huntsman to battle their way out, with tickets available between now and September 21.

A 90m (295ft) inflatable course, Bouncezilla, is open this summer between now and September 8.

And of course, the famous Fright Nights will once again allow guests to enter the rides at night for the entire month of October.

All of the pop ups are included in the day pass, with Thorpe Park tickets available from £33 per person.

Legoland – Haunted House Monster Party

Legoland unveiled their new Haunted House Monster Party ride earlier this year.

Guests are greeted by joke-telling Lego gargoyles before taking a seat at the banquet table.

Along with monster-themed party food, Lord Vampyre will show off some party tricks for the rest of the dinner.

Legoland tickets start from £29 per person – and it's always worth looking out for flash sales.

Alton Towers – Alton Towers Dungeon

The newest addition to the theme park opened earlier this year – Alton Towers Dungeon.

Guests are taken through the history of Staffordshire on the 45-minute ride, with live-action actors and interactive shows .

New accommodation in the form of wooden Stargazing pods also opened earlier this year – it includes telescopes for stargazing and breakfast.

The Alton Towers Dungeon costs £5 more, with Alton Towers tickets starting from £33 per person.

Chessington World of Adventures – Room on the Broom

The iconic story of Room on a Broom also opened earlier this year at Chessington, which has a live action telling of the story.

Kids can interact with objects such as the witches hat and the bubbling cauldrons throughout the experience.

Chessington tickets start from £29.50 per person.

Camel Creek Adventure Park – three new rides

Camel Creek debuted its new rides, following a £3 million revamp.

Alongside their older rides, a new mini log flume, a clown roller-coaster and the Airbender roller-coaster are some of the newest additions to the park.

Camel Creek tickets start from £14.95 per person.

Waterworld – four new rides


Stoke-on-Trent’s Waterworld is set to debut four new rides this week.

Thunderbolt, one for adrenaline junkies, will be their fastest and steepest ride.

Guests enter into a capsule where they get into position, before they're dropped down a near-vertical slide.

While inside the tube, you can travel up to speeds of 39kph (24mph).

Hurricane is one you have to go down feet first while lying on your back and it's classed as a "severe" water slide.

Then there are two "medium to severe" water slides.

You can go down Cyclone on a one or two person raft while Stormchaser can be completed on single or two-person rings.

Tickets costs £16 for adults and children over 1.1 metres tall while those under the height requirement will have to pay £12.

There are some exciting new attractions opening in the UK and around the world in the near future.

Paultons Park is getting a 1950s Americana inspired land in 2020.

And a new Gulliver's Valley is opening in Yorkshire in 2020 as well.

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