Photo tour: People watching, street art in wild Venice Beach, California

VENICE BEACH, Calif. – The summer is long over and the crowds should be gone, but they’re not. 

There’s always a party, and a huge smorgasbord of street performers, vendors selling everything from your name on a piece of rice and miniature skulls to little painted surfboards and bawdy swimsuits and throngs of tourists. More than 10 million people yearly come to visit this only-in-LA attraction, according to the local Chamber of Commerce, which says Venice is the No. 2 tourist draw in Southern California to Disneyland.

And why not? A visit for four to Disneyland could easily top $450 before the family has even walked through the gates. In Venice, the show is free – as long as you can snag a parking spot (it can be done) or set aside $10 or $20 for a parking lot.

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