Passengers left terrified after finding huge TARANTULA on their flight

TERRIFIED passengers were shocked to find a huge tarantula crawling through the overhead lockers during a flight.

The arachnid was spotted on a Volarius flight, a Mexican airline, while travelling between Mexico and Brazil.

A video captured the scary moment when the huge spider was seen crawling between the overhead bins.

While crew should have been the one to remove it, a brave passenger stepped up to catch the creature.

A video circulating social media show him grabbing the spider with a large piece of plastic, after passengers below the spider had been moved.

After catching it, the spider can be seen wriggling in the plastic, appearing unharmed.

Social media user DirectorBrazil, who shared the video, wrote: "This guy captured it while we were flying!"

People online were left horrified by the incident, with many saying they wouldn't have coped if they were on the plane.

One person said: "I would have had a panic attack."

Another person said: "That's terrifying… I'm going to die of fear."

A flight attendant added: "As a flight attendant, I would have politely let someone else handle that."

Someone joked: "That spider was too big to not have paid for a seat."

It isn't clear how the spider got onto the plane – and it sadly isn't the first time.

In 2018, a passenger found a huge Huntsman spider in his bag during a flight while travelling from Australia to Germany.

Thankfully, most spiders in the UK are not a threat to humans – here are the UK spiders which can bite.

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