Passenger refuses to move for mum and child after airline 'changed their seats' – and people are divided | The Sun

A MAN has divided opinion after refusing to swap seats with a mum and her child, who claimed the airline had booked them to sit there too.

The passenger explained that they booked a seat with extra legroom on the five-hour flight because he was so tall.

He also said he chose the seat near the bathroom, as he suffered from Crohn's disease.

He wrote on Reddit: "I get to my seat and start getting settled in when a mother with a young child who looked to be around 3-4 asked me to switch seats to a seat without the extra leg room.

"The mother claimed that there was a mistake as my seat was supposed to be hers so that she could sit with her daughter and that the airline wrongfully kicked her from it to another seat away from her.

"I respectfully declined telling the mother that I had paid extra to get this seat with extra leg room and I would not be moving."

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He said the mum then got upset, and called the flight attendant.

While crew eventually got them seated together somewhere else, he asked if he was in the wrong after his brother said he should have moved for them.

Most people on Reddit were on his side, saying he shouldn't have had to move.

One person said: "You paid extra for your seat for a very specific reason. What happened with her and her daughter is not your problem."



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Another agreed: "Those 'mistakes' somehow always happen with the good seats. There is no way her 3yo was supposed to sit alone."

A third who wrote: "I am so fed up with entitled parents. How hard is it to ensure you get seats together when you book your seats or check in."

However, some people had more sympathy, saying they had been split up on planes before.

One person said: "I’ve been this mother before. United Airlines sat my two-year-old across the plane for me on a flight from Houston to San Diego once I was freaked out."

Someone else wrote: "We had a problem with a flight when my son was 2 years old. They had to rebook us on another flight, but for the first part of it there was nowhere on the flight with 2 adjacent seats.

"They booked us anyway and told us to let the flight attendant know and they would try to get one of us with him."

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