Passenger goes viral for VERY drastic ‘hack’ to avoid £75 oversized hand luggage charge | The Sun

A PASSENGER has gone viral after he shocked airline staff with a very drastic way of avoiding a £75 charge for his oversized hand luggage.

Skateboarder Shaun Hover was checking in for his flight, when he was told he would have to pay $89 (£75) for his board as it didn't technically fit the hand luggage measurements.

Instead of paying the extra money, Shaun decided to stamp on his skateboard, breaking it in half, meaning he would then be able to take it on board the flight without having to fork out for the extra.

The incident was filmed on Shaun's phone and later posted to his Tiktok, where more than 15million people have now seen it.

Airline staff initially were not amused, with one telling him his actions were "unnecessary".

However, Shaun later added to the video with a clip of him holding two bags of sweets, saying another member of staff had seen what had happened and gave them to him as a small gesture of compensation.

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While his actions may have at first seemed drastic, plenty of people saw some sense in what he was doing.

Plenty pointed out that a new board would be less than the money to pay for the carry on, while allowing him to keep both his trucks and wheels.

One wrote: "This is actually economically the best choice. A new deck is less than then 90$."

Another agreed, saying: "A new deck is cheaper than $89. he saved money."

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Others took issue with the airline staff member telling him that his actions were "unnecessary".

One said: "Unnecessary? Yall tryna charge 80 dollars for some wood."

Another argued: "‘That was unnecessary sir’…so is the $89 charge for something like a skateboard."

However, not everyone was impressed with Shaun's actions.

One defended the woman, saying she was simply doing her job.

They said: "People talking about the lady saying that was unnecessary, okay and? She doesn’t come up with policy. She’s just working."

Another asked: "You read the rules of sizes online before you boarded, right?"

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