New suitcase-free packing 'hack' is labelled genius – but baggage handlers aren't happy | The Sun

A NEW trend for packing plane luggage in plastic bags has been blasted by baggage handlers, after it surfaced on TikTok.

Passengers will try anything to get the most out of their luggage allowance now – including getting rid of suitcases.

In a video on Tiktok, user Cecilia Lopez showed how some travellers had opted against using sturdy or secure baggage options and decided to use large lightweight plastic bags instead.

The bags were filmed going round the luggage carousel at an airport baggage reclaim, stuffed with clothes and other items.

Cecilia labelled the trick as a "luggage hack" that allows passengers to avoid using their weight allowance on heavy bags.

The video has been seen more than eight million times, with some passengers admitting they use similar methods.

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One wrote: "I always travel with cardboard boxes, saves weight."

Another said: "I do this too because my suitcase weighs 5-7kg. So be smart."

However, two baggage handlers weighed in on the debate, telling the public to stick to more secure options.

One said: "Nope please don’t. They will pop open when we load them on the plane and trust me we don’t wanna see your clothes all over the cargo bin."

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The other wrote: "Worst nightmare as a baggage handler.

"No easy way to grab them, can't stack them, and they are super bulky compared to a suitcase."

Some travellers opt for lighter soft-sided suitcases when travelling to try and save on weight.

However, some baggage handlers have even recommended avoiding those too.

In a thread on Reddit one wrote: "I work in baggage for an airline, I recommend hard sided.

"Bags get wet in the rain, soft sided bags will soak through.

"Although the hard side bags are more likely to crack, you will be able to get the airline to give you a new bag with an unfixable crack, versus a soft sided bag with a rip we will try to send it to be repaired (policy) and you wait 5-6 weeks for repair.

"I would never personally have a soft sided bag."

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