Most annoying travel Instagram poses revealed – how many are you guilty of?

WE all have that one mate who goes on holiday and then spams Instagram with cheesy photos.

Now the most annoying holiday poses of them all have been revealed – and it actually really turns followers off.

Research by the Bolsover Cruise Club has shown the percentage of people that find certain classic poses annoying.

The good old holiday selfie comes in at first place with a huge 34 per cent.

While the least annoying Instagram picture on the list was a picture of a landmark.

So you might actually be ruining your holiday photo for that mug of yours.

The research reveals: "Snappers should think more about taking shots of wonderful landmarks they encounter on holiday.

"Followers are most likely to hit the precious ‘like’ button when seeing sites such as Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon, the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and the Duomo di Milano in Milan."

The hot dog legs selfie came in second place which 22 per cent of people rated as the most annoying.

And pictures of partners having a smug snog on holiday came in the third place.

Most annoying Instagram poses

  1. Selfie – 34 per cent
  2. Hot dog legs – 22 per cent
  3. Kissing partner – 17 per cent
  4. Candid looking away shot – 16 per cent
  5. People ‘pinching’ sunset/building – 14 per cent
  6. Freeze jump – 11 per cent
  7. Walking away from camera – 10 per cent
  8. Name/message in sand – 9 per cent
  9. Showing off a picture of landmark – 7 per cent

Meanwhile it’s the good old “candid” looking away shot that came in fourth place – of course, you had no idea it was being taken at all.

People having a right old laugh by pretending to pinch buildings in the distance – or the sun – came in fifth place.

And then the frozen jump in the air was sixth.

Another "candid" shot – that of someone walking away from the camera – came seventh.

And names written in the sand came in eight place on the annoying list.

The research also found that you can post a maximum of 12 photos of your holiday before people start to feel like they’re being spammed.

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Sun Online Travel would also like to add in a glaring omission to the research – the “follow me to” pose.

In these pictures, one half of a couple, normally a woman, leads her partner by the hand while in a stunning location.



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Of course, when everyone is posting the same thing, the poses just become clichéd.

Michael Wilson from the Bolsover Cruise Club said: “With the social media craze all around and Instagram users continually on the rise, it begs the question of what poses will dominate Instagram in the following years.

"Or whether the popular poses in this research are here to stay.”

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