Man finds £21 plane ticket from Manchester to Dublin… with a VERY long way round

A MAN looking to travel from Manchester to Dublin found a bargain ticket costing £21, but he had to go via Crete.

Brian Whelan looked up his options on Skyscanner and found that his cheapest option involved a 10-hour layover on the Greek Island.

The project manager tweeted his findings, saying: "How did we create a world where the cheapest travel option from Manchester to Dublin is a 10 hour stopover in Crete?"

A fellow tweeter replied: "Booked a flight for Belfast to London for about £40, but if I was prepared to do a 10-hour stopover in Milan, I could have got it for £12."

He wouldn't have had much luck if he'd tried to find a cheap train ticket either.

Which? recently revealed that, thanks to soaring rail fares,  it's typically 50 per cent dearer to travel around Britain on trains than planes – as well as being far slower.

The biggest difference was for a return journey from Birmingham to Newquay. Flights were £67 and train journeys on the same dates were £180 – 169 per cent more. 

Going by rail also involved making two changes and, including the return leg, would take more than 10 hours longer than flying.

Researchers compared costs on the same dates on 10 popular routes across the UK. 

On eight routes it was more expensive to take the train – costing 49 per cent more on average than flying.

In 2017, a student flew from London to Edinburgh via Poland, Berlin and Glasgow over eight days after refusing to pay an “absurd” £80 for a direct rail fare.

William Stein’s trip to four European cities ended setting him back £18 more than if he had taken the four-and-a-half hour Virgin Trains route.

The uni student was hoping to enjoy a weekend break in the Scottish capital but baulked at the cost of a return train ticket.

He then discovered he could fly from Stansted to Edinburgh for just £21.95 via the small Polish city of Szczecin.

Ryanair then cancelled the connecting flight but presented the London School Of Economics undergraduate with £40 compensation.

He used this to add an extra stop on his itinerary – Berlin, Germany.

After his flight to Szczecin was rescheduled, the 21-year-old paid £7 to take a bus from there to Berlin where he visited pals.

He then flew from Berlin to Glasgow for just £12 before taking an £8.80 bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

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