Man asks parents to 'control their children' on a flight – and people are divided | The Sun

A MAN has sparked debate online after he told a couple to "control their children" during a flight.

In a post on Reddit, the man revealed how he confronted the parents after their two young kids started kicking the back of his seat during the three-hour flight.

The kids, he explained, were around two and six years old – and started kicking his seat before the plane even took off.

He explained: "Before the flight even began, the boy started kicking my seat repeatedly for absolutely no reason. I turned around and politely told his parents to please tell him to stop.

"They seemed to do so, but that only made him kick harder in protest. After that, they just gave up.

"He continued kicking the chair at least once every minute. I was losing my mind. I tried turning back and glaring at his parents, but that didn’t work."

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He said he moved to an empty seat next to him, which was in front of the younger chid – who then started kicking the chair as well.

The man continued: "At that point, I turned to the parents and asked them to please control their children.

"The father seemed apologetic, but the mother asked me “I can’t control them. They won’t sleep. What else do you want me to do?”

"After that, the couple bickered, the husband telling his wife that she had to do something since she was next to the children. "

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However, the man's father slammed him for how he handled it, saying it wasn't the parent's faults, and that kids were "impossible to manage".

He asked people on Reddit if he was on the wrong for complaining to the parents, with some people saying the man could have solved the problem himself.

One person wrote: "You could have been moved to a seat away from them."

Another person said: "Everyone was doing their best."

However, most users stuck up for the man, saying the parents should have controlled their children better.

One wrote: "My daughter is only 10 weeks old but if she EVER behaves like the children in the post, I would be mortified and furious with her.

"Children need to be taught how to behave and that's the responsibility of the parents."

A second added: "They embarrassed themselves with their lack of parenting."

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