Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza are banning ALL single use plastic like straws, lighters and disposable razors by 2010

NEARLY four million British holidaymakers will face tough new curbs on the use of disposable plastic following a ruling by the Balearic isles.

Officials in Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza plan to end the sale of all single-use consumer plastics by 2020.

That will include a ban on the sale of things like plastic cups, plates and cutlery, plastic straws, disposable razors, lighters and coffee machine capsules.

These items will have to become 'easily recyclable' or be converted to biodegradable alternatives, said the region's government.

The ban comes as part of a fight-back against the tide of plastic rubbish washing up on beaches and beauty spots in tourist resorts.

The move will affect the 13 million tourists who visit the family-friendly Balearics each year, including nearly four million Brits.

Experts say prices in resorts are bound to rise as bars, restaurants and cafes will have to invest in new, more expensive stock.

Coffee capsules and pods are used by thousands of cafes popular with tourists, but these will have to be changed.

Sebastia Sanso, head of the region's environmental department, said: "Our territory is limited and environmentally sensitive, while an economy based on tourism sends the use of such items spiralling.

"The great majority of coffee capsules cannot be recycled and we are producing more and more unnecessary residues."

Since coming to power in 2015, the Balearic's socialist-led government has campaigned to limit the impact of mass tourism on Ibiza, Majorca, Menorca and other smaller islands.

Measures have included a limit on visitor beds of 625,000 and a doubling of the daily tourist tax to £2.70.

The new green rules will also demand that wet wipes must be clearly labelled in a bid to stop them being flushed down toilets.



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Government officials are also considering forcing bars and restaurants to offer free tap water to customers in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic bottles discarded on the islands.

In other news, Spanish holiday hot spots are being warned to draw up battle plans to prevent millions of Brits being tempted by bargain breaks in Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey this summer.

Tourism chiefs say they have "no hope" of competing on price as a one-week all inclusive holidays at five-star hotels in Turkey are being offered at just €400.

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