Japan's Solaseed Air Launches Pokémon-Themed Airplane

Japan‘s Solaseed Air has just announced a special plane themed after its regional Pokémon mascot Exeggutor. Set for the Miyazaki-Tokyo route, the entire scheduled 10:05 a.m. flight is tricked out with graphics of the Grass/Psychic/Dragon-type Pokémon.

On top of the exterior of the plane receiving custom artwork, the seats have been given a makeover with the palm tree pocket monster on the headrest, and the shuttle bus has also been wrapped in a graphic that continues the theme. Each passenger will also get a limited certificate as well as a souvenir bag.

Take a look at the introductory images above, and expect the Exeggutor Solaseed Pokémon airplane to be operational for the next 18 months.

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