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A PILOT has revealed a secret compartment on planes that no passenger gets to see when on board.

Sleeping on planes is always difficult, especially for people sitting in economy class.

However, for pilots and cabin crew members on long haul flights, it's important that they have a place where they can get a good rest that's more comfortable than a plane seat.

That's why there are special crew rest compartments on board the planes where staff can have a lie down.

In a video on Tiktok a pilot has shown people what it is like inside the compartment on an Airbus 380.

The compartment is located under the main deck, where passengers sit.

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A lot of people commented saying they wished they had access to the beds on their flights, with plane seats notoriously uncomfortable.

One said: "How much would a crew member take as a bribe for me to sleep in there instead of paying for extra leg room?"

Another said: "I wanna book them rather than my budget seat next time."

However, the space looked a little too cramped for others, who didn't seem convinced of how comfortable it would be.

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One wrote: "oh no too claustrophobic for me."

A second said: "As a 7ft tall person and hopefully a pilot one day, learning to fly, it scares me."

However, the pilot assured others that they and their flight crew were always grateful for the rest area when they needed it.

Replying to one user who said the beds looked "awful" they said: "Definitely a struggle for tall crew and a little claustrophobic but when you're jet lagged and exhausted a bed is a bed."

One commenter likened the room to a morgue, to which the pilot revealed that there are precautions in case someone dies mid-journey.

They said: "Hopefully not! We do have a body bag on board in case someone passes away during flight."

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Meanwhile, this pilot explained how to land a plane in case of an emergency.

Another pilot revealed the lie they always tell passengers during flights.

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