I'm a mum and I swear by an £8.99 travel item which makes long-haul flights much comfier | The Sun

A MUM has revealed the special travel pillow that she uses whenever she goes on holiday.

In a video on Tiktok, parent Jodie West showed off a neck pillow, complete with a built in hood that she uses to make travelling more comfortable.

The footage sees Jodie modelling the neck pillow while explaining that she bought it from budget UK high street shop Savers.

She said: "I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I wanted a travel pillow.

"I saw this one – it's got a built in hood and it was in Savers.

"How cool is that?"

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Jodie's video has been seen more than a million times, with people pleased to see her recommendation.

One wrote: "I got one for my son 4 years ago for the flight to Florida, perfect for getting a little sleep too. He’s took it on every flight since."

Another said: "Best thing ever they are so worth it."

Similar versions are available from Amazon for £8.99, with plenty of positive reviews from people other than Jodie.

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Out of 1,812 ratings, the pillow received an overall score of 4.4/5, with 84 per cent of reviewers rating it either four or five stars.

One reviewer wrote: "Great value for money. Very comfortable and cosy for when the air conditioning is on and you are trying to sleep."

Another said: "The hood adds extra comfort and cover if you want to go to sleep."

A third added: "Good for long flights and, as well as support and comfort, the hood can block out light."

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