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IT'S almost impossible to get on a flight at the moment without there being an argument over a seat.

Whether it's separated families, divided couples or friends who can't bear to be apart for a few hours, people are always asking strangers if they wouldn't mind switching places.

While we don't necessarily mind you asking other people, there are some rules that you absolutely need to both pay attention to and understand.

In this, my latest blog for Sun Online Travel, I'll reveal the etiquette for switching seats with a stranger and explain when you need to give up and just sit down.

There are hundreds of stories out there of people being approached by disappointed couples or families, who have been separated by the airline's seating plan, and asked if they wouldn't mind swapping, so they can sit together.

While there are tales of people who are happy enough to move from their seats, there are also plenty of other stories of people who have refused – and that's absolutely fine.

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If that's your seat, you have absolutely no obligation to move whatsoever.

If you want to be friendly and let the separated friends, partners, parents, whoever sit next to one another, you're welcome to, but don't feel bad about saying no either.

People who have been separated can sometimes get so upset when people refuse to move so that they can together, but it's only a few hours, they'll survive.

They're the ones who are being difficult here, not those who are happy to stay in a seat that they've paid, sometimes extra, to sit in.

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I've had to step in and solve arguments like this so many times and I always side with the people whose seat is being argued over.

If they don't want to move, tough luck. Move on, ask someone else, or just sit down.

You wouldn't believe how entitled some people are, as if they have this divine right to sit next to one another all the time, and never be apart.

It can sometimes be a bit pathetic, and as flight attendants, we absolutely hate having to deal with these situations, so please, just accept that the person doesn't want to move and forget it.

We have safety checks, demonstrations and everything else to be focusing on, and we'd rather not have to solve your petty squabbles.

That's not to say we don't understand – we do, you're going on your holiday, and you want to spend it with your loved ones.

And if you've been separated from a child who's perhaps a little too young to sit by themselves, then we understand and we can help you with that. You just need to ask us and we'll do what we can.

In fact, you should tell us anyway if you are swapping seats before take off.

There are things like weight distribution for us to consider and moving around the plane can be dangerous at the start of the flight, so it's always best to check with your cabin crew if it's okay first.

We might tell you that you have to wait until we're in the air, once we're cruising it doesn't really matter where you sit, but for take off, it's best to have you in the seat you were allocated.

So next time you get on a flight and end up sitting apart from you partner, remember, you don't have any right to sit next to each other, and if someone moves for you, it's because they're really kind.

And if they don't want to, I'm afraid you'll just have to spend the flight on your own. I'm sure you'll cope.

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