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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed how passengers can get freebies and better treatment on board planes.

The cabin crew member from Air Canada explained that by giving a little yourself, you can sometimes get things in return.

By offering small gifts to the staff working on your flight, you might not be bumped up to first class every time, but you could be given some preferential treatment.

The flight attendant explained that passengers offering a small token of their appreciation can sometimes make a big difference in their day.

He told the Washington Post: “Sometimes we’re on the road for a couple days straight, doing a dozen flights with cascading delays. It’s the thought that really counts."

He went on to say that gifts could make the difference between you sitting in cramped conditions, or getting a bit of extra legroom.

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He added: “I would say this would likely not get you a business-class seat from economy, but [a gift] could be a thing that tips the scale between sharing an aisle with someone else versus having the last empty row to yourself.”

The Air Canada flight attendant isn't the only one to have suggested bringing gifts for your cabin crew.

Shawn Kathleen, a retired flight attendant who spent seven years on the job, said it could even get you free drinks on your flight.

She told Sfgate: "Bring them chocolate. Bring them candy. It's a few bucks just to say thanks. I guarantee you'll get free drinks with that. One hundred per cent."

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Another anonymous cabin crew member has said that the gifts aren't even necessary in order to get preferential treatment.

Instead, they recommend just being nice and treating your flight attendants with respect.

They said: "Flight attendants are typically allowed to give liquor to passengers whenever they want.

"You're way more likely to get free drinks if the flight isn't full, so always be polite and friendly to the staff."

Flight attendant and aviation blogger Amanda Pleva backed up that idea, saying that just greeting your cabin crew politely could make a big difference.

In a blog post for FlyerTalk she wrote: "You know what the worst part of my job is? It isn’t cleaning up vomit or dealing with an angry passenger yelling in my face – it is when I stand at the aircraft door greeting people and get ignored.

"To have someone clearly see me and ignore my 'hello' and walk on by is the most dehumanising experience.

"Even if you don’t think we notice, we do. And it gets returned whenever possible — maybe it’s a free drink, maybe we tap you on the shoulder and shoo you into an empty row. Or maybe it’s just extra-attentive service."

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