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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the mistake that travellers make whenever they check in to hotels.

Staying in hotels can involve handing over a lot of personal information, which can make people feel vulnerable.

While that information is kept safe for the most part, there are mistakes that guests make that put themselves at risk.

One of those involves the hotel key card, which can contain information that, in the wrong hands, could end up causing problems for visitors.

That's why flight attendant Jessica Aamot showed travellers the one thing they shouldn't do with their hotel key card when staying in hotels.

In a video on Tiktok, Jessica explained that guests should only ever take the card out with them, and never the cardboard key card holder.

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The key card holder contains personal information, including guests' names, the name of the hotel and their room number, which is more than enough to give someone access to their room.

Anyone who lost their key while out and about would essentially be handing over all their information, leaving themselves at risk of having their room broken into.

Due to their jobs, flight attendants spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and regularly reveal safety information for other travellers.

One cabin crew member explained that her fear comes from experience, after people attempted to break into her hotel rooms during layovers.

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In a video posted to Tiktok, user lifestyledbyerie shows what she does to make sure she's safe every time she checks into a hotel room.

First, Erie is seen propping the door open with her suitcase, so that she can get out quickly if she needs to.

She then checks cupboards and under the bed to make sure no one is waiting for her in her room.

The flight attendant then retrieves her luggage and locks the door using a special lock.

While closing the door, a caption reads: "Safety always comes first.

"I have had people attempt to break into my room on layovers so I always travel with this."

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