I'm a flight attendant and these are the weirdest places I've found poo on a plane

FLIGHT attendants have revealed the weirdest places they've found poo on a plane.

You might want to wait until after you've had your breakfast to keep reading.

Laura Reynolds, a flight attendant currently on maternity leave with Virgin Atlantic, said: "Yes, we've all got a poo story.

"Finding poo in places that you possibly shouldn't find it.

"For example, outside a toilet as opposed to inside a toilet, is always one.

"I once found a poo outside a toilet that I thought was a joke poo. Because it looked like the perfect little joke shop poo."

Baby poo is another bodily fluid flight attendants are forced to deal with – often while they're serving food.

Laura said: "Quite often we get given soiled nappies, not in a bag, that's another one that happens quite often – and usually when you're doing a meal service, which is nice."

Fiona Mallinson, who used to work for Ryanair, even said she chose to work for the airline because staff would "always look glamorous" as they walked through the airport – although had her own horror faeces stories.

She told the Daily Mail: "There's always body fluids going on somewhere."

When asked where she has found poo on a plane, she said: "On top of a toilet."

Poo might become an integral part of air travel, as Brits could soon jet around the world on planes powered by their own poo.

Passengers have also shared their own horror stories while travelling including dirty feet on tray tables.

One traveller even left a bottle of wee on their plane seat after the left the flight.

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