I’m a doctor – here are three big mistakes you’re making when flying that cause neck and back pain | The Sun

DOCTORS have revealed the common mistakes that most passengers make when flying that could lead to them suffering from back and neck pain.

Thankfully, there are ways you can avoid it – and they've shared their top tips.

They started with luggage, explaining that the type of bag you take away with you can make all the difference.

Speaking to the New York Times, Dr Kennedy, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, explained that cases on wheels were far better for your spine than bags that have to be carried by hand.

Cases with four wheels are also better than those with two, because moving them "requires less effort".

He also recommends using airport trolleys for pushing suitcases around if possible.

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For anyone who feels the need to have a bag on their person, backpacks are seen as the best option.

Physical therapist Ms Louw added: "You should use both straps to distribute the weight evenly.

"Backpacks should hang evenly in the middle of the back — not down against the low back — and that straps should be adjusted to make it easy to take the backpack on and off."

Their second tip is keep moving as much as possible during a flight and the recommendation is to stand up at least once per hour to keep stop your back becoming stiff.

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Dr Kennedy suggests setting alarms if you are forgetful, or drinking a lot of water to increase the need to get up and go to the toilet.

Ms Louw said: “Movement is essential to keep blood flowing to your muscles and joints to help prevent stiffness and pain."

Finally, the doctors recommend sitting either upright, or with a slight recline, to keep the spine in its most comfortable position.

Spine health physician Dr Venesy advises rolling up a jumper to put behind your lower back to provide extra support.

Sitting upright can be hampered by staring at screens, for instance on tablets or laptops, that are not at eye level.

If using a phone or device to keep yourself entertained during your trip, there are devices that can elevate your screen, or you can even fashion one yourself out of a plane sick bag.

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