Igloo-Village Zermatt in Switzerland is built entirely from snow – and you can even build you own igloo

LOVED-up couples are getting the chance to build and sleep in their own igloos in a village made entirely from ice and snow in Switzerland.

Igloo-Village Zermatt which is located in the picturesque snow-capped mountains of Stansstad, Switzerland – a chocolate box-pretty town in the Alps.

Everything from curtains to beds are sculpted from snow once you’re inside the igloo (though you do get a sleeping bag).

The village is built from scratch every winter in around 3,000 hours and decorated with ice sculptures, with this year’s theme being Norse mythology.

The ice sculptures are of gods, symbols and knights which were made by an ice sculptor.

Prices start from 379 Swiss Francs (£286) per person per night.

After spending the day building their home couples bed down in their creations with sheepskins and expedition sleeping bags able to withstand -40 degree weather.

Aldo Balatti, 32, the CEO of Igloo-Village Zermatt, said: "Depending on the size and the amount of people building it, a standard sized igloo that sleeps two people takes one day, with two people to build.

"It is very romantic to build a house of your own, even if it is out of snow.



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"And after all the work you will sleep like an angel.

“It’s [about] being outdoors and enjoying nature at its fullest."

The experience also offers a snow bar and restaurant – as well as fondue nights for fans of the cheesy Swiss favourite.

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