How to turn your hotel room into a kitchen – from using your iron to heat up food to making eggs in the kettle

As a new hotel hack video reveals, everyday items like irons and kettles could double up as kitchen appliances.

In a video posted to YouTube, Rebecca Tan at Clicknetwork revealed that the iron is your best friend.

Throw a towel over the ironing board and you'd have a covered table for your meals.

The iron itself can be used to re-heat or cook your food – all you need is some foil.

Rebecca revealed that by wrapping up the metal side of the iron in foil, and nestling it upside down, it can be used like a stove top.

All you need then is another sheet of foil, folded into a plate, and you can heat food on top of it.

In the video, Rebecca demonstrated how she was able to reheat some pasta and cook an egg on top of the iron.

But it's not the only useful tool in the room.

The kettle isn't just for making pot noodles for example – it could also be used to make hard boiled eggs.

If you have any leftovers, you could used a shower cap to cover it up – just like cling film.

And if you have a packet of crisps that needs resealing, simply cut into a straw and you can use it as a sliding clip.

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