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SLEEPING on a flight can be very difficult, especially for anyone trying to catch forty winks in an upright plane seat.

A travel expert, who has wracked up thousands of air miles, has revealed the best way to nab a free bed on long-haul voyages, and the trick works for economy passengers too.

Frequent flyer and Travel journalist Brook Sabin explained how to pinch a bed space on plane journeys.

He said on Stuff: "The best sleeps I’ve ever had are in economy, where I found three empty seats together."

If a holidaymaker has three seats to themselves, Sabin recommends folding up the armrests so the seats make a bed.

While this might not sound very comfy, it's certainly better than sitting down for the entire flight.

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This might sound simple, but you'll be competing against every other passenger for those prized seats.

Luckily, Brook has a solution – board the plane last and eye up the empty rows as you move through the cabin to take your seat.

He said: "Work out your closer options, and then a backup option."

"As soon as the seatbelt sign is off, you need to leap up and make a beeline for the empty rows."

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But be warned, you'll need to be quick to grab these seats because competition will be fierce.

If you don't want to get your elbows out, Brook also suggests booking the middle seat in an empty row – you might end up sandwiched between two strangers, or you might have some seats to yourself.

You could also try asking a member of staff at the check-in counter, but make sure you're polite.

An ex-Emirates flight attendant, Bella Sapsworth, explained how to catch forty winks on long-haul flights.

She told the Metro: "Recline your seat. You pay for a reclining seat – so use it!"

However, make sure to check before reclining your seat – one passenger was left fuming when his Apple MacBook Pro was destroyed during a flight after the person in front reclined their seat.

Here are some other bizarre sleeping tricks when travelling, including using a neck brace instead of a travel pillow.

And make sure to turn your travel pillow around as you have most likely been wearing it the wrong way.

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