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A PASSENGER has captured the shocking moment his plane had to be evacuated after a fire was discovered on board.

The flight from Kansas City, Missouri to Denver, Colorado landed at 2.30pm on Tuesday, when a fire was detected within the plane.

The cabin crew took the decision to clear all passengers from the aircraft, shouting at them to "come this way!" and "leave all bags!".

Adrian Hartwell was one of the people evacuated from the jet and he decided to capture the dramatic moment on his phone camera.

Both adults and children can be heard panicking and in some cases crying as the flight attendants shout instructions to try and get everyone off safely.

Adrian later shared the footage he captured on Twitter, as the passengers were removed.

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He told CNN: "We were landing, and the pilot came on the intercom saying everyone needs to get off of the plane. The flight attendants then rushed everyone off of the plane.

"I was kind of panicked but also I was glad we were on the ground already."

United Airlines, who operated the flight, confirmed the incident and said that the fire could have been the result of overheating brakes.

They said: "United flight 1658 from Kansas City landed normally in Denver and proceeded to the gate.

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"Due to smoke indicating that brakes may have overheated, some customers exited the plane using the slides while others deplaned using the jet bridge."

All 157 passengers and four crew members were all evacuated safely.

Denver fire department confirmed via Twitter that they had put a small fire out on board the plane after it had landed.

They said: "At approximately 2:30 pm today, UA 1658 from Kansas City, MO safely landed at DEN. At the gate there were reports of smoke & fire under the aircraft. The plane safely made it to the gate where @Denver_Fire responded & quickly put out the small fire."

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Earlier this month, a Spirit plane's wheels caught fire, but passengers were told to remain in their seats.

Meanwhile, Ryanair are warning their passengers about the fire risk caused by their phones and devices.

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