Genius holiday tricks for travelling with jewellery

BEFORE taking your most prized possession on holiday, you may want to rethink your favourite rings and necklaces.

A recent study found that 25 per cent of people lost a piece of their jewellery while on holiday or travelling.

This can be a devastating start to a holiday, especially if it had sentimental value to it.

One of the most important things to do is check it is insured either through travel insurance or home insurance.

However, there are also ways to protect it even if you keep it with you, as there are ways to ruin it yourself.

Hatton Jewellers Robert Cuomo told Mail Online his top advice, including the damage that can be caused by suncream, chlorine and the sea.

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He explained: "Ensure suncream is fully absorbed into your skin before putting jewellery on. 

"And when it comes to swimming, chlorine is known to damage and discolour precious metals, causing it to become weak. Sterling silver can also begin to tarnish when in contact with chlorine. 

"Swimming in the sea is also far from ideal, as saltwater can erode your jewellery, which can lead to weakening."

One of the other things to happen on holiday? Opening your suitcase and finding all of your necklaces and bracelets tangled.

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Thankfully travellers have shared their top tips on how to avoid this happening.

Some say the best way to avoid this is to use seven-day pill boxes to put jewellery in, to avoid it tangling together.

Others say threading necklaces through straws can keep them untangled too.

A flight attendant used something called Press 'n' Seal – similar to cling film – and putting it over necklaces stops them from getting tangled in the suitcase.

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