France reopens to vaccinated British holidaymakers from TOMORROW

FRANCE is to end the UK travel ban, meaning vaccinated Brits can once again visit the country.

The new rules will be in place from tomorrow – giving holidaymakers a welcome boost.

French tourist minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne confirmed on Twitter: "We are relaxing the entry conditions in France from the UK for vaccinated travelers."

He confirmed it would include the "end of compelling reasons and isolation on arrival".

He added: "The decree will be published tomorrow morning, with immediate entry into force."

Brits will still need a negative test taken within 24 hours of arriving in the country, although isn't clear if this can be a lateral flow, or must be a PCR test.

It also isn't clear how this will affect kids yet.

However, it is great news for families wanting to visit Disneyland Paris ahead of the half-term holidays next month, with the theme park announcing exciting new events in celebration of its 30th anniversary.

It is also great news for Brits wanting to plan their ski holiday.

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Tourists will still need to have a vaccine pass as well, to be able to enter restaurants, bars and tourist attractions.

Currently, people in France have to show either proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter most establishments and use inter-regional trains.

However, the French government has confirmed stricter rules to be introduced regarding the vaccine pass, which will no longer allow the holder to have a negative test as proof.

This is just for anyone aged 18 and over – kids between 12 to 17 only need a simple health pass which allows a negative test.

It isn't clear when this will be enforced, although could be as soon as next week.

All adults who have had their second jab more than seven months ago will have to have their booster for the vaccine pass to be valid.

This will change from February 15, with it shortening to four months.

France first announced their travel ban on December 16, although other countries are starting to ease their travel rules now Omicron has progressed across Europe.

Germany lifted the travel ban on UK tourists just weeks after introducing it.

Cyprus has also eased some of their travel restrictions, and now accepts lateral flows from Brits entering the country.

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