Flight attendant reveals her top safety tip for staying in hotels – and you only need a piece of loo roll | The Sun

A FLIGHT attendant has shared some of her best advice for resting easy while staying in hotels.

The woman called Cici – who runs the TikTok account @cici_inthesky – revealed in a recent post how to make your temporary space that bit safer.

The flight attendant said that hotel doors should always have a peephole cover, to stop people looking inside your room.

But she explained a nifty hack if there isn't one to ensure you can still guarantee privacy.

Demonstrating the tip in the video, Cici explained: “Just take some tissue and shove it in there so nobody can see inside your room.”

The social media user also shared elsewhere in the clip – which has been viewed more than 915,000 times – some other steps she takes to feel at ease while staying in a hotel.


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Cici revealed: “After I open my door, I prop my door open to do my checks.

“I check the closet, the shower and behind the curtains. Check to make sure the phone works and I put my privacy sign outside. When I leave my room, I leave my TV on with the volume up.

“Not loud enough to disturb people, just the normal volume I would watch TV on regularly.”

This can help deter those trying to break entry by making it seem as though someone is inside the room.

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The flight attendant also noted: “I put the bag in front of the door so nobody can stick a wire under the door and open the security lock along with a towel as a backup.”

Cici isn’t alone in taking some extra precautions to make her stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Last September, another cabin crew member revealed the key things she always does after checking in.

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These included never using the hotel glasses and bringing a clear plastic bag to use the grubby remote control.

Another flight attendant shared an easy way to tell if your hotel room has been cleaned by checking if your bed sheets don't have creases from being folded.

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