Escape the hustle and bustle of a busy city with a cruise along the Cornwall coast in a Range Rover

It may be the height of luxury but this beautiful beast of a vehicle is also a green machine.

This a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that can take us emission-free for up to 30 miles.

But here’s the clever bit – every time I brake, an electric motor turns that into electrical energy to charge the battery.

There’s plenty of braking needed as I negotiate the twisting turns to Tintagel, about a mile inland from the stunning Trebarwith Strand beach where I’m heading “off-grid”.

Our first stop is the blustery, secluded bay of Porthcurnick Beach and the Hidden Hut restaurant that’s now so famous its owner and chef Simon Stallard has written a best-selling recipe book.

His concept of open-flame cooking local fish caught that day – in spite of the November downpour – is a delicious one.

From there it’s a short drive – now in parallel hybrid mode, which combines petrol and electricity – to a former slate quarry to expand our eco-credentials with some sustainable camping.

The Range Rover sails up the steep, rugged raw-slate slopes to a 45-acre wilderness known as Kudhva (meaning “hideout” in Cornish).

We are officially off-grid at what has been dubbed “Britain’s most hipster campsite”.

And there is no phone service, mains electricity, gas or water.

The reception-come-kitchen at the self-catering oasis is not too dissimilar to a barn.

But it has a delightfully cosy feel with a log fire crackling away outside the communal showers, which are solar powered, and the site’s only two toilets. It is not luxurious, but it is wonderfully rustic and quaint, with the intention to provide an escape from the always-on demands of the modern world.

It seems everything is made from wood, including the six kudhva – tiny Scandi-esque two-storey asymmetrical wood cabins raised high into on the air on stilts to offer a fantastic view of the coast.

Designed for two people, with just a seat inside, they are as basic as you can imagine.

And be warned: You need to climb rather high up a ladder to get in and if you are too tall, chances are you won’t be able to squeeze up to the second floor, aka the bed.

About ten minutes’ walk from our kudhva through mud and across streams – thankfully torches and wellies are provided – is a wood-fired hot tub.

It is near a flooded quarry offering wild swimming and a bar boasting a hydro-powered beer pump.

And there is enough beer to ensure a very comfortable night’s sleep.

There are no real luxuries to speak of here, and yet that is exactly why it is a luxury. It is rustic and rugged, but tranquil and serene, a place to switch off – literally.

I’m told the idea of a “digital detox” these days is so popular that the Kudhva is booked up for 97 per cent of the year, and I can understand why – you feel at one with nature.

That being said, I was rather thrilled to have the comfort of the sat nav, bluetooth and radio on our five-hour drive home in the Range Rover.

Go: Cornwall

GETTING THERE: For details on the Range Rover Sport petrol-electric plug in hybrid go to
STAYING THERE: Two nights at the Kudhva Cabins are from £244, based on two adults sharing. Open from Spring 2019. See

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