Disneyland has massively hiked up the cost of tickets – but you can still find them at 2018 prices

Disney has kicked off the new year with a massive price hike for its Anaheim park across daily tickets, annual passes and parking – but you might still be able to snap up tickets at 2018 prices.

The price rise came into effect on Sunday, and saw the cheapest tickets to the park increase to $104 (£81.53) from $97 (£76.04).

Annual passes also went up, with Deluxe Pass rising from $729 (£571.49) to $799 (£626.36) and Premier Pass going from $1,579 (£1237.83) to $1,949 (£1527.89).

Even car parking has seen a bump, with daily fees rising to $25 (£19.60) from $20 (£15.68).

But if you hurry, you might still be able to get park tickets at 2018 prices.

Get Away Today are still offering 2019 tickets at 2018 prices.

You have to book by January 15 for travelling between now and May 23 but April 14 to 22 are blackout dates.

And according to MousePlanet, you might still be able to get good offers from shops and hotels in the area as well as your local travel agent.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Disneyland introduced "demand" pricing in 2016 as a way to control the crowds.

Ticket prices are cheaper on low demand days and higher for busy times.

However, with the new Star Wars park opening this summer, Disneyland is expected to be busier than ever.

Last year, Disney World in Florida also increased the ticket prices to its parks.

Sun Online Travel revealed that similar to Disneyland, the Florida park has also has a demand-based pricing.

It means that families visiting during quieter days could make a big saving on the cost of their holiday.

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