Cruise ship passengers reveal the naughty meaning when rooms have pineapples on the doors | The Sun

CRUISE passengers have revealed the naughty secret behind a certain fruit you may spot on doors.

Travellers often decorate their doors with stickers and signs while on a cruise holiday.

However, a woman revealed what it means if you spot a pineapple.

TikTok user Blogionista Travels said in a video: "When you’re on your first cruise and you see that everyone has these cute pineapples on their door."

She then zoomed in on the doors which had pineapple stickers and posters on them.

Her video has been watched more than 18k times on TikTok and people explained that this is actually used as a code for passengers who are swingers.

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One person wrote: “Those people are swinging. I learned that at a young age from my first cruise.”

Another backed this up: “It’s a swinger’s symbol. They have swingers clubs on cruises. I’ve been on enough to know.”

People even shared their own horror stories.

Someone added: "My mom and her husband didn't know about this and they wore pineapple shirts on their cruise. my mom was (and is still) mortified."

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Travel expert Brandon Presser revealed some of the secret phrases to listen out for on cruises – and their hidden meanings – to Bloomberg .

He said:  “A ‘30-30’ means the crew is asking maintenance to clean up a mess.

“Three times during my stint [as cruise director on a large ship] I called in a “PVI” (public vomiting incident)."

"An ‘Alpha’ is a medical emergency,  a Bravo’ is a fire, and 'Kilo’ is a request for all personnel to report to their emergency posts – in the event of, say, a necessary evacuation."

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