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WHEN going on holiday, you want to make sure that you have all your essentials to look your absolute best.

Those things can also include tweezers, nail clippers and scissors, and you might be wondering whether you can carry them in your hand luggage.

Can I take tweezers in hand luggage?

The Government website provides a list of what you can and cannot carry in your hand luggage and suitcase.

You can carry your tweezers in both of the luggage.

So worry not, because you will be able to fix your eyebrows while on holiday or take that extra hair out.

Similarly, you can also carry your make-up with you.

So if you have some eyebrow pencil or gel, worry not because you will be able to give your eyebrows the perfect finish.

To determine better how to sort out your make-up in your hand luggage, head over here for more information.


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Can I take nail clippers in hand luggage?

You will be able to take care of your nails while on holiday.

You can carry nail clippers and a nail file too in both your hand luggage and suitcase.

To make your nails look even better, you might be wondering whether you can carry your nail polish too.

Nail polish would fall under liquids.

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You can carry up to a 100ml bottle of liquid in your hand luggage, and normally nail polishes would weigh as much.

So you will be able to have great nails and touch them up to look even better while on holiday.

Can I take scissors in hand luggage?

It depends on what kind of scissors you want to carry.

Small scissors with blades no longer than 6cm are allowed in both your hand luggage and your suitcase.

The same applies to round-ended or blunt scissors.

On the other hand, if you have large scissors which have blades longer than 6cm, then these can only be carried in your suitcase if your airline allows you.

The Government website advises that you should make sure that your airline lets you carry such scissors in your suitcase.

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