Black passenger accuses worker at Gatwick of ‘blatant racism’

Black business class airline passenger accuses white airport worker of ‘blatant racism’ after he ‘told him to move to the economy queue’ as he waited to board a BA flight

  • Seth Allen, 28, says he was told to move to the ‘general boarding’ queue
  • The alleged incident occurred before he took off from Gatwick for Marrakech 
  • Mr Allen says white airport worker shouted at him in front of other passengers
  • And he claims that the only reason he was targeted was due to his skin colour  

Airline passenger Seth Allen, who despite having a business class ticket was told to move out of the business class queue on a recent flight from Gatwick to Marrakech 

A black business class airline passenger has accused a white airport worker of ‘blatant racism’ after he claims he told him told to move out of a business class queue at the gate.

Seth Allen, a frequent flyer, was travelling out of London’s Gatwick Airport on a British Airways flight earlier this week to Marrakech when the alleged incident occurred.

The entrepreneur, from Reading, says after he joined a boarding queue for business class passengers, a white staff member shouted at him and repeatedly told him he would have to join a general queue.

And Mr Allen, who often travels business class, believes the colour of his skin was the reason he was targeted. 

The 28-year-old said he was waiting to board the flight in a line of around eight predominantly white passengers when an airport worker shouted ‘this is the business line, general boarding is that way’, according to The Sun Online. 

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However, Mr Allen remained in the business class queue and went through the gate, but not before the same worker apparently insinuated he was a guest of a white passenger by saying: ‘Oh, so you were with that guy then?’

Following the incident, Mr Allen immediately took to Twitter to complain about his treatment.

He wrote: ‘Disgusted at the casual racism I encountered today @Gatwick_Airport. We talk about British values, yet today I experienced a painful reminder that racism is alive and well in Britain.’

He added, to the Sun Online: ‘I can only assume that I was being targeted because of my skin colour. I wasn’t trying to jump the queue – I had paid to be there. I am a frequent flyer, and I often travel business class but this has never happened to me before.’

A spokeswoman from Gatwick Airport, pictured, said that it is now investigating the alleged incident involving Mr Allen 

Gatwick Airport is now investigating the incident, thought it’s not been confirmed whether the worker at the centre of the controversy is employed by the airport or the airline.

A spokeswoman told MailOnline Travel: ‘We are appalled to hear this report of Mr Allen’s recent experience travelling through Gatwick Airport and apologise to him on behalf of the airport community.

‘We are investigating the matter fully in conjunction with the airline that Mr Allen was travelling with.

‘Gatwick does not tolerate such behaviour from anyone working at the airport and these attitudes do not reflect our values.

‘Gatwick and the airline will ensure the necessary measures are taken, to address such behaviour with the member of staff involved, once identified.’ 

MailOnline Travel has asked BA for a comment. 

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