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ANOTHER airline popular with Brits has scrapped free hand luggage for passengers.

Finnair has confirmed that they would be introducing a new basic air fare which no longer includes a free suitcase in the cabin.

Called the Superlight ticket, it replaces Economy Light option on flights to and from Europe.

In place from June 1, passengers will only be able to take a small bag measuring 40cm x 30cm x 15cm into the cabin, which must fit underneath the seat.

This must also include Duty Free bags, so passengers who shop at the airport will need to leave space.

Bigger luggage measuring 55cm x 40cm x 23cm can be added at an extra cost.

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Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer Ole Orvér said while they were "pleased" travel had resumed post-pandemic, they said the new rules were being introduced to streamline the travel process.

He said: "We are experiencing the familiar issues of excess baggage onboard our flights, impacting punctuality and travel comfort, and we are getting regular feedback on this from our customers and personnel.

"Therefore, we are making changes to our ticket types and baggage allowances and will also enhance the monitoring of carry-on baggage at airports.

"The target is smoother boardings, on-time departures, and travel comfort onboard our flights for everyone now that the peak summer season is about to start. "

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Sadly Finnair is just one of many airlines who have scrapped free baggage in the cabin.

Ryanair and easyJet only allow passengers to take a small bag on the flight, with suitcases costing extra.

EasyJet passengers can only take a bag measuring45cm x 36cm x 20cm, with an extra suitcase starting from £5.99.

Ryanair passengers can only take a smaller bag into the cabin, measuring 40cm x 20cm x 25cm, with an extra suitcase cost starting from £8

Wizz Air passengers can only take a 40cm x 30cm x 20 cm bag for free into the cabin.

Airlines are cracking down on passengers taking luggage onto flights, with many saying they are being forced to check in items, despite them fitting in the cabin.

And savvy passengers have revealed a £10 bag they say is perfect for travelling with hand luggage only.

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