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A MUM has revealed an amazing hack to make travelling with kids a breeze.

In a video posted to Instagram, Antonia shared the smart and simple way to pack snacks for your kids when travelling on a plane.

All it requires is a tablet organiser.

The mum-of-two explained if you buy the container, which has a section for each day of the week, you can put snacks in each compartment.

Antonia, who runs the account @kidssensoryplay, said all you need to do is get stickers to cover up the days of the week – and you're good to go.

She said: "This travel hack ended up being a game changer.


Mum shares clever travel hack when travelling with kids

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"Save this to try it the next time you’re traveling with kids!

"I was a little sceptical at first when I saw @mothercould post a similar travel hack with a bigger container with compartments for different snacks.

"I thought it was too risky for my toddlers that the snacks would end up on the floor if they tipped the container over.

"But this smaller pill organizer has seven compartments that you can open one by one which limits the risk of everything being dumped out.

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"My one-year-old also loved opening and closing the compartments more than actually eating the snacks!

"The compartments also aren’t huge so you’re limiting the amount of food that you’re giving them in one sitting… win win!"

She was able to fit in crisps, fruit, sweets, Oreos and more.

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