Air India pilot grounded after failing two breathalyzer tests before flight


Air India pilot Arvind Kathpalia was grounded from operating his scheduled flight from Delhi to London Sunday after failing two breathalyzer tests, according to The Independent and Times of India.

Kathpalia, who is also the airline’s operations director, has lost his pilot’s license and is suspended from flying for three years. 

The Economic Times of India reports the Ministry of Civil Aviation has assigned another captain for the operations director role “with immediate effect.”

In a statement to Reuters, the pilot said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s decision to suspend his license “is a rule and so it is meant to be followed,” adding, he doesn’t “see how” he could contest it.

This isn’t the first time Kathpalia has been in trouble.

Reuters reports he was suspended for three months in 2017 after allegedly refusing to take breathalyzer tests.

USA TODAY has reached out to Air India for comment.

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